Slowly but steadily, the world is gradually opening up for increased travel, and this week it became known that both Singapore and Hong Kong will allow transit passengers.

Singapore and Hong Kong will remain closed for international travel into the country, as is the case in most countries at the moment. However, by allowing transit passengers in a few days, it means that, for example, Europeans living abroad in countries such as Australia, New Zealand or other places with a flight to Hong Kong or Singapore, and further to European destinations, can return home for the summer vacation or in other errands. Moreover, Doha has, by the way, been open to transit passengers throughout the whole pandemic.

Hong Kong opens for transit passengers on 1 June and Singapore shortly after on 2 June. But everything will not be the same as before. For example, the passengers transiting in Singapore will be kept within a specific terminal area to avoid contact with other passengers.

The service offer will be limited. In Singapore, Singapore Airlines will only open its Silver Kris lounge, and the traditional buffet offerings will become replaced by other food such as wrapped sandwiches and similar “grab and go” meals.

Nevertheless, this is great news for airlines such as Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific, as this allows for critical revenue income in a challenging situation for all airlines.