Top 10: Best Places In The World To Spend New Year’s Eve

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    Another year has almost passed and a fresh one is soon upon us. For one night, the whole world will be throwing a party and celebrating this cardinal moment with loved ones and strangers alike.

    And while there is no other night quite like New Year’s Eve, planning for the occasion can be difficult and stressful. Making reservations, procuring tickets, arranging transport – there’s seemingly no end to the logistics that need to be sorted out ahead of time.

    So, if arranging your New Year’s Eve is giving you a headache even before you’ve downed your bottle of Champagne and a handful of shots, why not make plans to do something different this time around and celebrate the new year further from home than usual?

    Whether you’re dancing on Copacabana Beach at midnight on the 31 December or drinking cocktails on a rooftop bar in Hong Kong, make this year’s countdown one to remember for the rest of your life.

    1. 1. Edinburgh
    2. [​IMG]

    Last year, Edinburgh’s world-famous three-day New Year’s Eve celebration attracting almost 150,000 people from more than 70 countries. This year, the festivities kick off on 30 December with an ecstatic annual parade, before the world’s loudest rendition of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ is sung at the stroke of midnight the following night, and the celebrations are continued into the 1st with music and events on the streets of the Scottish capital.

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    1. 2. Madrid
    2. [​IMG]

    New Year’s Eve celebrations in Spain are amongst the best in the world – not least in the capital, Madrid, where the street parties are full of dancing, singing and general merriment. Join the locals in eating 12 grapes in the last 12 seconds of the year and you’ll have luck for the following 12 months.

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    1. 3. Rio De Janeiro
    2. [​IMG]

    With summer in full swing in the southern hemisphere, the vibrant Brazilian capital of Rio De Janeiro is home to one the hottest new year’s eve parties on the planet. Come for the epic street and beach parties (Copacabana Beach), and stay for the rocking samba music that will keep revellers going well into the next year. Just remember to wear white – it’s good luck, according to the Brazilians.

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    1. 4. Melbourne
    2. [​IMG]

      Melbourne New Year Early Eve

    Australia’s coolest city Melbourne throws a special new year’s eve party that rivals the best of them. Featuring two dramatic fireworks displays, stunning lights shows at midnight, and over half a million people, Melbourne on 31 December is a spectacle to remember.

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    5. New York


    The huge glittering ball that descends into Times Square has been the iconic countdown to the new year for more than century now. And the party going on below has only got better and better. This year, more than a million people will be there!

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    1. 6. Berlin
    2. [​IMG]

    Germany’s capital is known for being a party city, and therefore the city’s new year celebration is quite an occasion. Start the night at the 2-km stretch between Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column, where an array of bars, food stalls and live music will ramp up the atmosphere. Later, after the impressive fireworks display at midnight, head to one of Berlin’s famous clubs and party until sunrise and beyond.

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    1. 7. Hong Kong
    2. [​IMG]

    A spectacular city in its own right, Hong Kong is home to an even more spectacular new year party each year. Get your spot at one of the city’s world-class rooftop bars and watch the firework and light show above the city’s iconic harbour.

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    1. 8. Amsterdam
    2. [​IMG]

    Another famous European party city, Amsterdam ring in the new year in typical Dutch fashion – with plenty of alcohol, singing, dancing and colours. Official celebrations are held at places like Rembrandtplein, Nieumarkt, Museumplein and Dam Square, while impromptu street parties help sustain the joyous atmosphere city-wide.

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    1. 9. Sydney
    2. [​IMG]

    Be one of the first to see the new year and experience one of the world’s most iconic fireworks displays in Sydney, Australia. If New Year’s Eve in the sun sounds appealing, you can’t get much better than Sydney Harbour, where the waterfront bars offer a charming front-row seat to the dazzling spectacle going on overhead.

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    1. 10. London
    2. [​IMG]

    Our own capital of London must not be forgotten when considering the best places on Earth to celebrate New Year’s Eve. In fact, London offers plenty to do no matter what you fancy. From stylish parties at a number of world-class restaurants, bars and nightclubs, to the street celebration along the Thames, a New Year’s Eve in London is a momentous event that won’t be forgotten easily.

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