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    It was good to register a lot of participants in our Easter quiz.

    We had a lot of good suggestions, and there were some really creative ideas on how to come up with a logical answer. But, most people came to the same answer as the editorial staff, and that’s 34! We acknowledge that one should be able to interpret the illustrations differently, but this is the logic that we have used as the basis for the solution:

    1. Each aircraft with four engines represents 4 points (12 ÷ 3)

    2. The man also represents 4 (12-4 = 8, then divided by 2)

    3. Since the man is 4, so the pass is also 4

    4. If a plane with four engines has a value of 4, then a plane with 2 engines has a value of 2. (roughly simplified)

    5. When a man has a value of 4 and a passport has 4, then a man with a passport = 8. Then the calculation becomes 8×4 (ie man with passport multiplied by passport) and then the plane with two engines, which has a value of 2. Thus, the correct answer is 2 + (8 × 4) = 34

    We will contact the winners who can look forward to their points and a contribution to their next journey. We hope it will be soon. Greeting from the editorial staff and still happy Easter!

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