Kan detta betyda att USA öppnar upp?

Diskussion i 'Destinationer' startet af Bridgeman, 8 Juni 2021.

  1. Homer

    Homer Medlem

    CDC uppdaterade sin informationssida den 15:e oktober
    Här: Requirement for Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test or Recovery from COVID-19 for All Air Passengers Arriving in the United States | CDC
    de lade till att det fr.o.m. 8:e nov. även krävs vaccinering + vilka vaccin som är godkända.
    vad som gäller för test är oförändrat.
    Sennah27, Berglund og PRJml2ENIpiC1e3L synes godt om dette.
  2. SubArcticFlyer, Canadien og All-in synes godt om dette.
  3. Homer

    Homer Medlem

    Inget nytt där

    Children under 18, for example, are largely expected to be exempt from the requirements, an official said.
    U.S. to lift restrictions Nov 8 for vaccinated foreign travelers | Reuters
    Mattias Holmén synes godt om dette.
  4. Airman

    Airman Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Alltså nästan hellre det än nuvarande, där de trycker in näsharpunen rakt genom hjärnstammen, snurrar runt i typ 5-6 minuter, drar ut en bit av lillhjärnan medan man gråtandes faller ner till marken med ca 50% lägre iq... Jag överväger alltid suicid inför covidtest, hittills har det slumpat sig att jag inte suiciderat, har nog med min sjunkande intelligens att göra.
    Qraze, squeezen, sbbn017 og 8 andre synes godt om dette.
  5. GOTBound

    GOTBound Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    USA börjar snart vaccinera barn | SVT Nyheter

    Det står inget i artikeln om detta påverka inreseregler eller ej.
    Sidst redigeret: 20 Oktober 2021
  6. Maja

    Maja Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Jisses vilken otur du måste ha haft när du tagit covidtest isf om det är så smärtsamt för dig. :eek::rolleyes:
    Airman og Abbs synes godt om dette.
  7. jerk

    jerk Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Har bokat min livs första resa till staterna i feb. Det ska inte vara nå problem
    Maja og Bankiren synes godt om dette.
  8. bvs

    bvs Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    All-in, jb2731, GOTBound og 4 andre synes godt om dette.
  9. Homer

    Homer Medlem

    Här är den officiella pressreleasen
    Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials on COVID-19 and International Air Travel Policy | The White House

    So, today, CDC has issued three orders to implement the Presidential Proclamation in accordance with appropriate public health protocols to ensure the safety of international air travel.

    The first order is a vaccination requirement for non-citizens who are not immigrants. On November 8th, air travelers to the United States who are non-citizens and who are not immigrants will be required to be fully vaccinated and to provide proof of their vaccination status prior to flying to the United States.

    The airlines will verify vaccination status in the same way they have been and will continue to do with the proof of a pre-departure negative test result.

    For purposes of entry into the United States, vaccines will be accepted that include the FDA approved or authorized and WHO Emergency Use Listed vaccines.

    There will be very limited exceptions to the vaccination requirements for non-citizens who are not immigrants. CDC has determined the very narrow list of exemptions, including children under 18 and those countries with less than a 10 percent total vaccination rate due to lack of availability of vaccines.

    The next order after the vaccination order is an amendment to the testing requirement for all air travelers to the United States, regardless of citizenship.

    Fully vaccinated air passengers entering the United States internationally, regardless of citizenship, will continue to be required to show a pre-departure negative COVID test taken within three days of travel prior to boarding.

    For those vaccinated persons, they will be required to show proof of vaccination to qualify for this three-day testing window.

    However, for unvaccinated air passengers, including unvaccinated U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents, the rules will now require a test within one day of departure to the United States.

    Children under two years old do not need to test. There are also accommodations for people who have a documented recovery from COVID-19 in the past 90 days with respect to the testing requirement.

    The third and final order is for the collection of contact information. Air passengers to the United States will also be required to provide basic, valid contact information to airlines before boarding flights to the United States.

    Vaccinated U.S. travelers will need to carry and provide proof of their vaccination to the airlines to qualify for the three-day testing window. Otherwise, a one-day test will be required.
    JohanGE, PRJml2ENIpiC1e3L, aruba1 og 6 andre synes godt om dette.
  10. Homer

    Homer Medlem

    Sidst redigeret: 25 Oktober 2021
    Mr Basic, PRJml2ENIpiC1e3L, aruba1 og 9 andre synes godt om dette.

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