Intervju med British Airways nya VD Sean Doyle

Diskussion i 'British Airways, Executive Club' startet af Homer, 16 Marts 2021.

  1. Homer

    Homer Medlem

    British Airways has historically been highly dependent on Club World and First passengers, most of them flying on business, for a large slice of its profits.
    But British Airways’s chief executive said business travel will lag behind the other two market segments: visiting friends and family, and leisure flying.

    “The A380 isn’t flying at the minute but it is in our plans for the future rebuild of the airline,”

    The new chief executive said the complimentary offering would remain, but that it would be augmented with a pre-order capability.

    mer här
    British Airways pins hopes on family ties and premium leisure passengers | The Independent
    NyfikenGrau og Mr Basic synes godt om dette.
  2. Tyckte sista stycket var rätt intressant, spännande om även andra flygbolag tänker så (vilket jag tror),

    British Airways’s summer network is very different from the pre-2020 pattern, with many more Mediterranean destinations – including a dozen airports in Greece served from Heathrow, an unprecedented number.

    “We will be looking at new dots on the map,” Sean Doyle said.

    Previously unserved locations in Europe and Asia will be considered.

    “We’re looking at new destinations both across long haul and short haul. We’ll be led by our customers on where we fly.”
  3. Canadien

    Canadien Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Vore kul om det dök upp lite riktig business class till semesterdestinationer med British Airways
  4. Homer

    Homer Medlem

    Som t.ex. Kanarieöarna? (calling Alf)
    En bra början är att fram till 30/6 2021 avgår alla LGW short-haul rutter från LHR.
    Deleted member 30163 og Ricci synes godt om dette.
  5. Homer

    Homer Medlem

  6. Homer

    Homer Medlem

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