Hotellkedjor som förlänger status pga Covid-19 - ENDAST hotell som diskuteras

Diskussion i 'Andre hotelkæder' startet af Robert flysas, 15 Marts 2020.

  1. varva77

    varva77 Medlem

  2. henrik l

    henrik l Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Angående för läng stus skrev dom så här: We understand that earning status for 2021 may also be on your mind. As the current situation is still evolving, it is too early for us to make any changes. We will keep you updated on all loyalty program changes through our Marriott Bonvoy member benefits website.

    Alltså inget besked om hur dom gör, just nu.
    jerixon og varva77 synes godt om dette.
  3. Robert flysas

    Robert flysas Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Från Small Luxury Hotels

    Dear Robert,

    With all that is going on at the moment, we wanted to get a message out to our valued customers, to thank you for your continued trust and loyalty during this challenging time, and to reassure you that the safety and wellbeing of our guests and members is a top priority for Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

    We are constantly monitoring the status of COVID-19around the world and we appreciate that the situation is changing on a daily basis.

    Below are some resources to help you decide how to deal with an existing reservation, or to give you peace of mind when planning your next visit to an SLH hotel.

    A Safe Space
    SLH is a brand that is rooted in providing the highest quality and service levels at all our member hotels. Being small and often family-owned our hotels take great pride in creating a clean and safe environment for all their guests. Our hotels also rely on their guests to be considerate to this and follow the advice laid out by the World Health Organisation in relation to personal hygiene at all times.

    Restrictions to Travel
    Many countries have now imposed restrictions to entry for international arrivals, and governments are advising against all but essential travel to some destinations. Please check the official channels of the destination you are scheduled to visit to see if this affects your trip.

    If you have a reservation at an SLH hotel and are still planning to travel, taking into account the relevant travel advisories, please note that some of our hotels have made the decision to close temporarily, or to delay their seasonal opening dates. To see if this affects your travel plans please call our expert reservation team.

    We understand that what guests require now is flexibility. You can book with confidence with our INVITED members only rate. Further to this, many of our hotels are opening their flexibility on cancellations and rates. Call our expert reservation team who will be happy to talk you through all your booking options.

    If you wish to amend or cancel an existing booking please go to to manage your booking. For SLH bookings to hotels made through third parties (eg travel agents) please contact your booking provider for assistance.

    Our VIP Reservations Executives are here to help you around the clock if you need any further information or clarification. A full list of Toll Free numbers can be found here.

    Staying Safe
    If you have visited or recently returned from an affected area, please check your local government advice and follow their recommendations, self-isolating for the required period of time.

    SLH is a community of like-minded travellers and together we will get through these uncertain times. It is likely that the impact of the coronavirus will temporarily affect us all, however, the desire to explore the world will never vanish.

    We are here to support you. If you have any additional membership or reservation queries, please contact

    With best wishes,

    Jean-François Ferret
    Chief Executive Officer
  4. Patrik

    Patrik Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    jerixon, Robert flysas og M.K synes godt om dette.
  5. M.K

    M.K Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Ja, jag fick också detta. Riktigt trevligt att behålla mitt första års Plat status ett helt år extra. :) Bra jobbat av NCC. Tummen upp!!!
    Robert flysas og Patrik synes godt om dette.
  6. Penguin

    Penguin Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
  7. micke

    micke Medlem

    Min mariottstatus blev tyvärr nedgraderad från Titanium till Gold (hade bara 20 nätter förra året) så ingen förlängning där.
  8. mygal

    mygal Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Någon som ställt frågan direkt till Scandic, hur dom tänker göra?

    Jag såg ovan att nordic choice förlänger.
  9. micke99

    micke99 Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Kanske gammalt men fick ett email ayt behåller scandic status till april 2021...
  10. ekf

    ekf Medlem

    Sverige Sverige

    "Hej ekf
    Som Scandic Friends-medlem är du otroligt värdefull för oss. Vi har full förståelse för om du för tillfället inte kan bo hos oss. Under rådande situation gör vi nu en förändring i vårt lojalitetsprogram som vi tror att du kommer att uppskatta:
    • Tjäna dubbla poängkvalificerade nätter för varje natt du bor hos oss fram till 30 juni 2020. Det gör att du lättare och snabbare kvalificerar till en högre medlemsnivå.
    Vårt mål är att varje dag skapa fantastiska hotellupplevelser, något vi fortsätter med även under denna utmanande tid. Vi hoppas få fortsätta välkomna dig till våra hotell oavsett om det är nu eller senare.

    Tack för att du väljer Scandic!

    På återseende,
    Anna, Scandic Friends"
    mygal synes godt om dette.

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