Five underestimated destinations in Southern Sweden

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    Discover Sweden this summer! The country offers incredible destinations – from the north to south. BusinessClass have selected a few of them in Southern Sweden.

    Visit a Swedish vineyard — Ästad Vineyard.

    Sweden became an approved wine country in 1999 and there are several wineries in the country. Ästad Vineyard, one of Sweden’s largest, is beautifully located in the heart of Halland county. The vineyard offer guided tours and wine tasting. Additionally, there is a hotel and spa – perfect for wine enthusiasts.


    Photo: Jerker Andersson

    A piece of China in Skåne county – Yangtorp.

    This 12,000 sq.ft Qigong-temple is located in the countryside of south-eastern Skåne. The Chinese architecture and its beautiful garden filled with Buddhist statues will take you back to China. This is a place for those wanting to learn the spiritual training method of Qigong, spa or just to relax.


    Photo: Yangtorp

    Northern Europe’s largest beech forest – Söderåsens National Park.

    This spectacular national park is located east of Helsingborg. With its varied nature and lush deciduous forests; the park offers flowing streams, dramatic valleys and breath-taking views of Skåne’s countryside.


    Photo: Johnér / Matton Collection

    An English-inspired castle – Tjolöholms Slott.

    Located south of Gothenburg, on a vast peninsula. This castle was inspired by Tudor architecture and was completed in 1904. The beautiful castle garden has walkways among oak forests and alongside the meadows. There are guided tours, great restaurants and cafés focusing on locally produced ingredients.


    Photo: Will Rose

    Visit one of Europe’s best-preserved wooden cities – Eksjö

    Eksjö emerged as a city in the 14th century, and it escaped the demolition wave in Sweden after the Second World War. Take a walk in Eksjö’s idyllic city centre. There are over 50 heritage-listed wooden houses, cosy cafes, restaurants and small shops.


    Photo: Göran Assner

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