Emmanuel Renaut creates typical savoyard dishes for Air France´s La Première menu

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    From November 2019 to February 2020, for the first time, Emmanuel Renaut will be creating dishes for the Air France La Première menu. Awarded the title of meilleur ouvrier de France and a triple Michelin-starred chef, Emmanuel Renaut belongs to a new generation of chefs who are reinventing Savoyard cuisine. His refined, vibrant and colourful cuisine features surprising and harmonious compositions.

    In collaboration with the Servair Culinary Studio, on board the company’s most exclusive cabin, the chef is signing two appetizers, seven main dishes and one dessert that customers can discover over the next four months.

    Emmanuel Renaut’s dishes on Air France’s La Première menu:

    Two appetizers:

    • Langoustine tartar and caviar with lemon and gentian
    • Royal celery and chestnut soup

    Seven dishes:

    • Venison steak, celery and chestnut purée
    • Scallops quenelle, lemon sauce, root vegetable risotto
    • Spinach gratin, mushroom polenta
    • American lobster royale and mini vegetable balls
    • Root vegetable risotto with beaufort, crispy vegetable muesli
    • Veal shank blanquette-style
    • Farm chicken wing and thigh, scalloped potatoes and mushrooms

    One dessert:

    • Floating islands
    • [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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