British Airways överger Gatwick?

Diskussion i 'British Airways, Executive Club' startet af Homer, 21 Juni 2021.

  1. Homer

    Homer Medlem

    British Airways has revived plans to abandon Gatwick, delivering a fresh blow to Britain’s
    second-biggest airport.
    It is understood that the review of Gatwick follows an order from IAG,
    British Airways’s FTSE 100 parent company, which is fearful that it could lose lucrative take-off and landing slots at Heathrow.

    Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary, issued a waiver of such “use it or lose it” rules.
    If Mr Shapps decides not to extend the waiver until demand returns to pre-pandemic levels,
    British Airways may need to focus on airports such as Heathrow where the slots are worth the most so that they do not lose them.

    Luis Gallego, chief executive of IAG, told analysts last month:
    “Gatwick is an important decision that we need to take as a group. It’s true that we have the issue with the slots.
    “Gatwick has some strategic value, but we need to be competitive there.
    This crisis is going to change the profile ... of the demand. So we are analysing the different options.”

    British Airways declined to comment.

    British Airways revives plans to abandon Gatwick
    Alf og Mr Basic synes godt om dette.
  2. Homer

    Homer Medlem

    Låter som något liknande Iberia Express?

    British Airways Considers New Short-Haul Subsidiary Amid Pandemic Strain - WSJ

    U.K. carrier is discussing putting its Gatwick flying operations into a new subsidiary that could reduce costs and compete better with discounters

    The airline at the start of the pandemic halted its short-haul flying from Gatwick and shifted those flights to its base at London’s Heathrow Airport. Big carriers such as British Airways have typically relied on short-haul operations to feed traffic onto more profitable longer routes, which are expected to be the last segment of air travel to recover.
  3. Tomas E

    Tomas E Medlem

    Sverige Sverige
    Fick i veckan en British Airways-resa från Gatwick till Madeira, bokad till i december, flyttad till Heathrow med samma tider. Både tur- och returresan ändrades samtidigt.
    Så om British Airways har tänkt återuppta trafiken på LGW, verkar det endera inte vara redan i december, alternativt inte med samma linjenät som i "gamla schemat".
  4. Homer

    Homer Medlem

    Skulle vara från sommaren 2022, senaste dagarna har de uppdaterat för vintertidtabellen och flyttat nästan allt till LHR.
  5. Homer

    Homer Medlem

    British Airways scraps plans to reintroduce short-haul flights from Gatwick post-COVID | UK News | Sky News
    In a statement to Sky News, British Airways said:
    “After many years of losing money on European flights from the airport, we were clear that coming out of the pandemic, we needed a plan to make Gatwick profitable and competitive.
    With regret, we will now suspend our short-haul operations at Gatwick, with the exception of a small number of domestic services connecting to our long-haul operation, and will pursue alternative uses for the London Gatwick short-haul slots.”

    CONFIRMED: British Airways is ending Gatwick short haul flights

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