A holiday in Sweden should not be underestimated, there are plenty of gems from the north to the south! We have listed a selection of them.


Sigtuna, Sweden’s oldest preserved city, was founded in the 970s by Erik Segersäll. The historical remains are still present. In the main street, there are plenty of picturesque wooden houses, restaurants and cosy cafés. The city’s medieval churches, ruins, castles and rune stones are all worth a visit.


Foto: Destination Sigtuna

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With its location next to the Lake Mälaren, the city is perfect for outdoor activities such as swimming, waterskiing and boat trips. Västerås has plenty of tourist attractions, such as old cathedrals, Nordic ruins and impressive art culture.


Foto: VisitVasteras


Despite its small size, this picturesque town has a lot to offer. Visit the Tullgarn Castle, go on an archipelago tour or hike along the Sörmland trail. The canal is crowded with beautiful wooden houses and cosy shops, restaurants and cafés.


Foto: Trosa

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Mårbacka Herrgård, Östra Ämtervik, Värmland.

Discover the famous author Selma Lagerlöf’s memorial estate. The home is kept to its original condition from the time before she passed away. Visitors are offered guided tours and a new exhibition of Selma is held every summer. There is also a café, shop and Selma’s beautiful garden.


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This city is often forgotten by tourists. For those interested in history, there is Scandinavia’s largest church and Uppsala Castle; If you appreciate modern architecture and greenery, there are the beautiful Linnégardens, Botanical garden and Uppsala Konsert & Congress. The restaurant selection is excellent, with over 16 listed on the White Guide’s list.


Foto: Anders Tukler

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