This month, a new comfort kit with an original design will be offered to each customer in the long-haul Premium Economy cabin. Featuring a “padded” texture ideal for getting through the winter.

This two-tone model is available in four colours: light blue, navy blue, grey and pink. Practical and chic, its pocket size makes it a new must-have travel item! Designed as a real gift to slip into your bag after your trip, the Premium Economy comfort kit contains a night mask, a pair of socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste as well as earplugs and headphone covers, Air France states in a pressrelease.

A range of comfort kits

On its long-haul flights, Air France offers its customers comfort kits in all cabins.

In the La Première cabin, customers are given a “designer” case. An elegant leather accessory, the case contains a range of face and body treatments signed by Carita. The case is available in two colours, light blue and navy blue.



In the Business cabin, the comfort kit combines a modern and elegant design, with a suede texture and leather flap. Available in 4 colours, it contains all the essentials for onboard comfort, including a range of Clarins moisturizing products.


In the La Première, Business and Premium Economy cabins, our youngest travellers even have their own comfort accessories. A pastel baby bottle carrier case contains all the essentials for baby.


Finally, in all cabins, young passengers aged between 3 and 11 years old who have ordered a child’s meal will be given a pretty metal box in pastel colours by Air France cabin crew. With this Kids’ kit, children will be kept busy throughout their long-haul flight. No more lost counters! The kit contains magnetized counters so they can play quietly as well as many other activities. Available in two colours and easily reusable for storing pens and pencils, it also fits in their school bag.