Round-the-world travellers stopping only at two destinations can now book the Star Alliance Round the World (RTW) fares. Until now, a minimum of three stops was required for such a ticket.

By enabling round the world travel with only two stopovers, of at least 24 hours each, the Star Alliance Round the World fare product is now more attractive to fliers, who will find it easier to build their custom route from services offered by the alliances’ 28 member airlines. These include Air Canada, Air China, Air India, Air New Zealand, ANA, Asiana Airlines, EVA Air, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Thai Airways and United in Australian skies.

While RTW fares generally offer good value for money, especially when compared to individual one-way tickets on separate airlines for the same journey, the total price of an RTW ticket depends on class of travel, the precise itinerary, mileage and routing selected, as well as currency exchange rate fluctuations.

In terms of distance, customers can create an individual itinerary covering up to 26,000, 29,000, 34,000 or 39,000 miles. To put these levels into perspective, the circumference of the Earth measured at the Equator is approximately 24,901 miles.

Customers can build their own routings within the maximum mileage of the selected fare level. Travel needs to begin and end in the same country and be in one direction, either going East or West, although some zigzagging is permitted within a single continent. Both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean must be crossed once.

In addition to building an itinerary from scratch, customers can also choose from a range of themed RTW journeys, which include World Food, World Wonders, Architecture Hotspots, Nature Trail, Aquatic Wonders, Connecting Cultures, Natural Wonders, Sports Hotspots, Wine Tasting, Romantic Journey and Luxury Lifestyle.

Stopovers of at least 24 hours must be made in a minimum of two cities and the overall itinerary may include up to 15 stops.