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    From June, SAS is expanding its award-winning concept ‘New Nordic by SAS’ with two vegetarian menus. The concept is based on seasonal dishes made from local produce. The vegetarian menus are prepared with refined ingredients of Nordic provenance, such as Vreta yellow peas, Slätte Gård field peas and Gotland lentils.

    SAS has noticed a growing interest in plant-based ingredients and has now decided to introduce two vegetarian New Nordic by SAS dishes as part of its normal meal range.

    All the menus in the New Nordic by SAS concept use seasonal, locally produced ingredients and will be served in the elegant New Nordic Cube.

    “It’s fantastic that we are able to collaborate closely with a handful of producers from across Scandinavia in developing our culinary ideas based on Nordic tradition and provenance,” says Karl Sandlund, Executive Vice President Commercial.

    Camelina roasted cauliflower and Dill and horseradish cured Hällestads mushrooms

    One of the two new dishes is cauliflower roasted in camelina oil with a Gotland lentil, black bean and beet-flavoured wheat salad. The other dish features Hällestads mushrooms preserved in dill and horseradish with a rutabaga, Slätte Gård field pea, radish and Persula Gårds roasted turnip, rapeseed salad.

    The producers who supply the ingredients for New Nordic by SAS are dedicated to producing the highest quality produce as free from unnecessary additives as is possible. Mushrooms are a key ingredient in one of the vegetarian dishes. They are handpicked in Hällestad in Skåne and 100% organic.

    Many organic producers who supply ingredients for the two vegetarian menus are sourced via Nordisk Råvara from Mickelgård farm in När on Gotland, Stora Bjälösa in Vreta Kloster, Östergötland, Pesula farm in Kukkola in Tornedalen, Slätte Gård, Töreboda, Västergötland, Fagra slätt in northeastern Skåne, and camelina oil from By Ranch, Björksund in Södermanland.


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