If you love your summer holiday in Italy but are put off by the crowds at your favourite destinations, then listen up.

While Florence, Venice and Lake Como are undoubtedly stunning, they are also very, very popular. Over-tourism is becoming a real issue in certain Italian hotspots. And it can put a real dampener on your perfect summer break.

The three underrated destinations we list below offer all the splendour of traditional Italy, without the crowds. Stroll through quaint and quiet towns squares, get the best sunspot outside your new favourite cafe, and fill your photo album with pictures of unobstructed views.

Welcome to the new Italy…

  1. 1. Treviso

An intimate and romantic destination in the Veneto region of northern Italy, with its many ancient waterways, makes a great alternative to Venice. The historic centre is brimming with Renaissance squares, palaces, and richly frescoed churches. Additionally, the idyllic countryside surrounding Treviso is where everyone’s favourite sparkling wine – Prosecco – is produced.


Where to stay?

Stay at Hotel Maggior Consiglio for a relaxed experience just outside the historic centre.

2. Lecce

known for its baroque buildings and famous bell tower, Lecce is a jewel of a city in Italy’s southern Apulia region. A young and vibrant atmosphere makes a nice complement to the charming surrounding coastal area, where you’ll find a number of cute beach towns. The cuisine and wine in Lecce is another highlight that must be sampled.


Where to stay?

Risorgimento Resort is a luxurious 5-star property in Lecce’s Baroque historic centre. Dine at the rooftop restaurant for panoramic views over the city.

3. Siracusa

The historic city of Siracusa is located on the Ionian coast of Sicily. Full of  Sicilian heritage and charm, Siracusa is best known for its ancient ruins, including the central Archaeological Park Neapolis which features a stunning Roman Amphitheater among other wonders. You’ll also find some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Sicily nearby.


Where to stay?

The unbeatable Grand Hotel Minareto is the perfect beach-side luxury resort for a stay in Siracusa. Book a villa to enjoy the best views and a private pool